Kohath's Mission


Strong Danedil son of Thranduil Prince of Mirkwood strong

Danedil is the youngest son of Thranduil, King of the Woodland Realm of Mirkwood. He is the Brother to Legolas the elf. He was born in 2930 of the third age of Middle Earth one year prior to the birth of Aragorn son of Arathorn II, King of Gondor. Danedil stayed in his father’s court during the crisis of the Ring. Even though he was too young to be adventurous like his eldest brother. After the One Ring was destroyed Thranduil decided it was best if Danedil left Middle Earth for Valinor and the Undying Lands with the other elves that were leaving. Danedil boarded a ship while he was still young, only 90 years old and set sail for Valinor with 9 other elves. During the trip a terrible storm struck the ship. Elven ships do not sink although Danedil, because he was still young, became very afraid. In the confusion of the storm he boarded a lifeboat and was knocked out. The lifeboat drifted northwest and did not arrive at Valinor but towards a land unknown to Danedil. Danedil was on the boat two days, he had limited water and food. By the time he reached the shore of this strange land he was half-dead and his clothes were in tatters. Kohath the Paladin was walking along the shore. He felt the presence of the the elf on the shore and healed him. Kohath let Danedil stay at the Paladin temple, he gave him clothing and food. Danedil lived at the temple for 11 years. All through this time he noticed something different about him. He felt stronger than he did. Danedil noticed that he could control certain powers. He seemed to have the ability to use magic. The paladins help Danedil understand his powers and Danedil grows to be a sorcerer. He is now 111 and enjoys walks in the forest, although he sometimes gets lost in the woods especially at night. He also enjoys spending time Ruth the daughter of Kohath in the temple who he “grew-up” with.

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